Thursday, January 20, 2011

Career Moves

1. Jobs and Personalities

Artistic types
like working with designs and patterns.
Clothing designer
Conventional types like following instructions and routines.
Air traffic controller
Enterprising types like leading people and making decisions.
Flight attendants

Investigative types like figuring out problems.
Realistic types like working outside or with real-world materials.
Restaurant cook
Bus driver
Social types like working with other people
High school coach
Child-care worker

Can you think of two other jobs for each category?
What personality type do you think you are?
Would you want to do the jobs listed under your personality type?

2. Career Debate

Fashion Designer

“Designing clothes is not a man’s job. Women are much more fascinated by fashion.”
“Not so! Many great clothing designers are men. Just look at Calvin Klein!”

Flight Attendant
“I would love to fly all the time. Being a flight attendant sounds exciting.”
“I don’t think so. Flight attendants get tired of traveling. They have to be away from their families all the time.”

Gossip columnist
“I’d like to work for a newspaper, but writing a gossip column seems like an awful job.”
“I don’t’ agree! Finding out about famous people’s lives could be really fun.”

“I’d enjoy working with animals. I think being a veterinarian would be rewarding.”
“I’m not so sure. Animals can be very unpredictable. Getting bitten by a dog would be scary!”


Gerund phrases as subjects

Designing clothes is not a man’s job.
Being a flight attendant sounds exciting.
Writing a gossip column could be fun.
Directing a TV show would be interesting.

Gerund phrases as objects
He wouldn’t like being a fashion designer.
He’d enjoy being a flight attendant.
She’d be good at writing a gossip column.
They’d love directing a TV show.

Example: “Working as an architect would be really rewarding.”

(is, seems, sounds, must be, could be, would be)
(awful, scary, fantastic, fascinating, pretty difficult, kind of boring, really rewarding, very challenging)

Working as an architect
Taking care of children
Winning the lottery
Conducting an orchestra
Working on a movie set
Making a living as an artist
Writing for a newspaper
Retiring at age 40

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