Thursday, December 2, 2010

Modals - Error Correction

In each sentence there is one word which shouldn't be there. Find the odd word.

  1. You shouldn't to have told him that.
  2. Would you have mind helping me with this?
  3. We were been ale to book a hotel room through a travel agency.
  4. Can you please to pass the salt?
  5. He might have had left his waller at home.
  6. You are not allowed it to enter that part of the building.
  7. Sonia should be know about his refusal to co-operate.
  8. They needn't to have spent so much money on redecorating their house.
  9. He may be is waiting for the bus.
  10. Mr Beaumont is to will arrive at 9.00 am tomorrow.
  11. Ellen is likely that to return sooner than expected.
  12. How about we calling him to find out if he has been invited too?
  13. That can't to have been Richard Gere!
  14. You should to go now.
  15. Might does he still be waiting for us?
  16. She will has to make an appointment to see the doctor.
  17. He has had got to borrow money twice already this month.
  18. You mustn't to let anyone know about our agreement.
  19. She may have had given you the wrong address.
  20. Would you mind if my asking you a personal question?

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