Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TV Toy Ads To Go

Take a look at the advertisement below and: a) prepare for discussion, b) write a letter or an essay on the topic following the instructions at the bottom.

News AnnouncementA new law passed yesterday will mean that no commercials for children toys can be shown before 9 pm. The decision has brough an angry response from toy manufacturers who claim that it coul cost the industry millions of dollars in lost sales. Defending the government's decisions, spokesman Gerald Ward said, "Advertisers use increasingly clever ways to target TV viewers. In the case of children, we have a duty to act so that advertisers do not take advantage. This way, parents can have more say in the toys their children play with." Opponents of the new law say that the government has no right to interfere and claim the law is undemocratic.

A. Write a letter to the editor of the nespaper expressing your views. State whether you agree or disagre with the new law. Give reasons.

B. Write an essay: Adverising is often said to be dishonest and harmful. It causes people to buy products they do not need or cannot afford. What is your opinion? Should the government have the right to control advertising? Explain.

Things to consider when writing:

  • the purpose of your letter/ essay and who it is to
  • register (formal/ informal)
  • appropriate language (opening for the letter, useful expressions to begin the letter, list points in the main body, start your conclusion)
  • take a stance (agree/ disagree)
  • points to include to support your opinion
  • come up with a suitable plan