Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reading Comprehension Quiz 1

The Benefits of Healthy Eating

We all know the benefits of healthy eating, but there is more to it than most people realize. Although it has been shown that children who eat a regular, healthy breakfast perform better at school, and that families who eat supper together tend to be more stable, children often object to being told when or what to eat. Similarly, they will often say they are hungry between meals when they are tired, unhappy or just bored.
Providing a healthy, balanced diet takes great management skills. For the frustrated parent help is at hand. Experts have come up with suggestions which promote better eating habits as well as family harmony. They advise parents to involve their children more in planning and preparing meals. This way the child feels less of an obligation to eat and is more likely to take an interest in good nutrition. The atmosphere at the dinner table is also of prime importance. The television should be turned off to encourage conversation, which should focus on discussion rather than criticism. Between meals, children should be encouraged to identify exactly how they feel. Chances are that if they not interested in fruit or vegetables, they are not really hungry at all.

  1. According to the passage, healthy eating ...

  2. is more complex than people realize
    is more important than anything else
    is fully understood by everyone
    affects the majority of people

  3. The writer suggests that a child who gets good grades at school, probably ...

  4. had a good breakfast that morning.
    eats well every morning.
    eats with his or her family.
    eats breakfast at school

  5. The author believes that stability in a famly is helped by ...

  6. parents being strict with their children
    fixed meal times
    making supper the main meal
    communal eating

  7. In Paragraph One, the author suggests that children don't like ...

  8. being hungry between meals.
    eating healthily and often
    having their parents dictate meal times
    boring food

  9. What does the passage say parents need?

  10. Organizational ability.
    Expert management.
    To encourage children to eat.
    To be sure of the food children eat.

  11. the passage suggests that children ...

  12. only eat when they want to.
    are always hungry between meals.
    will become good managers if they eat well.
    may eat when they are not hungry

  13. The suggestion in Paragraph Two are designed to encourage better ...

  14. relationships and healthier eating.
    planning and preparation.
    food and conversation.
    development in children

  15. The writer probably believes that some parents ...

  16. are frustrated with their diet.
    also have eating problems.
    would be happy to hear suggestions.
    don't help their children enough

  17. Which of the following does the author not recommend?

  18. Forcing their children to eat.
    Switching off the TV at meal times.
    Talking over dinner.
    Offering their children fruit and vegetables.

  19. In Paragraph Two, what does the word "prime" mean?

  20. Little.