Friday, November 19, 2010

Conversational Grammar 2

Fill in the blanks with the correct word:

  1. I want all of you ... in your essays by Friday.

  2. handing
    to hand
    have handed
    had handed

  3. “I liked the movie ... that I saw it twice

  4. very
    too much
    very much
    so much

  5. “Mark won first prize in the competition.”--“... to congratulate him?”

  6. have
    to have
    to be having

  7. “Why are you back so soon?”--“Nobody ... at the playground, so I left.”

  8. Don't call us
    Should we call
    Having called
    We will call

  9. ... the people here work part time.

  10. Most
    Most of
    Lot of

  11. I am taller than Bob, ... ?

  12. aren't
    I am not
    am I
    don't I

  13. I missed the party because I didn't know ... .

  14. that it was
    where it was
    it was
    when it was

  15. "Have you been to Spain?" -- "Yes, I ... there two years ago."

  16. had gone
    have gone
    was going

  17. I can't tell you where ... .

  18. it's hidden
    is it hidden
    is hiding

  19. She's not very nice. ... , she's quite rude.

  20. However
    Even though
    In fact

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